About Us

OzTech Buddy: About Us
OzTech Buddy is an online retailer of premium technology gadgets and mobile phone accessories. Our mission is to make business-grade products accessible to all Australian at consumer price. We aim to be your most trusted partner for technology purchases.
We two IT enthusiasts and friends for over 2 decades, graduated in IT from same school. We wanted to start a business together on something we are passionate about and can use our experience to help our customers to get quality products in a better price. That is how OzTech Buddy started in 2018.

OzTech Buddy is based in Australia and source products only from highly reputable suppliers within the country to maintain the quality of the products we offer and to ensure it is delivered to our customer quickly and efficiently. We want our customers to save the time and money and enjoy what matters most. We pride ourselves on being extremely customer centric and always do our utmost to give you a better shopping experience from an online retailer.

We appreciate your visit to our store and hope you enjoy shopping with us.